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  • The best in 10,000 lux, full-spectrum lighting!

    Apollo's BRITEWAVE Technology helps shift circadian rhythms back to their normal pattern by delivering a specifically engineered wavelength, color, and intensity of light that stimulates the production of key substances triggered by the brain. BRITEWAVE naturally affects the body by shifting the body clock to its correct timing, causing the proper signals to be produced at the right time of day.

    Reduce Chronic Pain with Magnetic Therapy

    Magnetic therapy is used for relief of pain and acceleration of healing. Use magnets incorporated into a brace, support or mattress pad to gain the benefits of this non invasive therapy on a regular basis, or use wraps and individual magnets to target specific problem areas. Learn more about magnetic therapy in our resource section.

    What can removing Chlorine from your water do for you?

    By removing the chlorine from your shower or bath water you will have healthier, younger looking skin, softer, more manageable hair and relief from dry skin and scalp. Other benefits include reduces fading of color treated-hair and improved lathering and sudsing. With our dechlorinating shower heads and bath balls you can expect to removes 90% or more of free chlorine from your water. They are also great for those with Chlorine sensitivity.

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    SADelite Light Therapy Lamp
    SADelite Light Therapy Lamp
    SunRise Dawn Simulator
    SunRise Dawn Simulator
    TRAVelite Light Therapy Lamp
    TRAVelite Light Therapy Lamp
    Litebook Elite
    Litebook Elite
    GoLite P1 Light Therapy Box
    GoLite P1 Light Therapy Box