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    How does lack of sleep affect our lives?

    Sleep is a key part of maintaining your health, affecting everything in your life, from how you feel to your relationships with others. Lack of sleep negatively affects your physical health, your ability to handle stress, and your general mood. Even one night of disrupted or missed sleep can reduce productivity and increase the chances of accidents at home or work.

    Lack of sleep compromises your body's immune system and adversely affects metabolism and memory. On average, people are 50% less successful at simple memory tests after a sleepless night, because the entire brain's ability to function decreases.

    One-in-three American adults (over 56 million) experience nighttime sleeplessness due to back pain, headaches, and muscle aches and pains, losing an average of 20 hours of sleep per month - the equivalent of nearly three full nights of sleep. More than 60% of adults over the age of 50 suffer from sleeplessness due to arthritic pain at night.

    The earth's magnetic field is essential to all life

    The earth's natural magnetic field plays an important role in maintaining proper electromagnetic balance of the body's internal systems. Currently, the earth's magnetic field measures 0.4 gauss. Several thousand years ago the earth's magnetic field measured 4 gauss, which was 1000% stronger than it is today.

    Why is this happening?

    Scientists are able to determine the alignment of the earth's magnetic poles, as well as the strength of the earth's magnetic field through measurements of iron-rich minerals in sediment samples taken from deep within the earth. Samples dating back 3 billion years have shown that the earth's magnetic poles reverse approximately every 200,000 years, which is believed to be the result of directional shifts in the earth's molten core.

    Recently, a team of researchers at UCLA used super computers to analyze data from 33 of these samples, and re-create a history of the earth's magnetic field dating back 800,000 years. The computer model clearly showed that the earth's magnetic field declines dramatically over a several thousand-year period preceding a magnetic pole reversal. This data has lead many scientists believe that the rapid decline in the earth's magnetic field over the past several thousand years is a clear indication that a pole reversal is underway.

    How does this affect us?

    Scientists are now certain that the declining magnetic field detrimentally affects life on earth. In addition, many scientists believe that modern technology, such as steel structure buildings, cars, and trains absorb the earth's magnetic field, causing a further reduction in its strength.

    Since these conditions are very recent developments in the history of man's existence on earth, it seems logical that the human body has not had time to adapt to the earth's rapidly decreasing magnetic field; hence the rapid increase in the rate of chronic illnesses worldwide. Following 20 years of research, Dr. Kyoichi Nagawa, a leading scientist in the field of biomagnetics, concluded that the much weaker magnetic field of modern times has caused what he has termed magnetic deficiency syndrome. The symptoms include stiffness in the shoulders, back and neck; insomnia; chest pains; headaches; and dizziness. The long-term consequences of magnetic deficiency syndrome include the development of chronic and degenerative diseases; the loss of normal healing ability; and increased susceptibility to infections and the effects of environmental toxins.

    Can anything be done to help?

    Dr. Nagawa, as well as other researchers and medical professionals, believes that correcting this deficiency can easily be accomplished by supplementing the earth's magnetic field with a magnetic mattress pad using negative (north) polarity. Three double-blind clinical studies (two in the U.S. and one in Japan) have shown that properly designed magnetic mattress pads are effective in relieving chronic pain and improving quality of sleep, and that pain relief continued to improve over time.

    Why Therion? magnetic sleep products?

    Clinical studies have shown that a properly designed magnetic sleep system provides many benefits to those suffering from nighttime pain and sleeplessness, and those waking up with stiff or sore muscles.

    Therion Advanced Biomagnetics Sleep Systems takes magnetic sleep systems to the next level by using a multi-therapeutic approach to relieve discomfort, and improve the quality of your sleep.

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